Session Details

Whether your child is 6 months or 8 years old, having photographs taken can be a stressful time.
Clients are pleasantly surprised by how fun and stress free their session with me is. Doing an individual session
focuesed just on your child is the perfect way to capture the essence of who they really are.
Their personality, innocence, expressions and moods will be reflected in their portraits.

Sessions are not scheduled back to back, giving us time to take breaks when needed. Before beginning the session
I like to take some time to get to know your child so they feel more relaxed and comfortable during our session.
Don't be surprised to find me laughing and playing with your child, because I find this is the best way
to really capture who they are. Parents are also encouraged to interact with children to help bring out their
true expressions and personality.

Although no session is the same, the average session lasts anywhere from 1 - 2 hours.
I only take a limited number of bookings, so please call early to guarantee availability.


Clothing plays a big role in the style of your photographs. Classic, clean and simple puts the focus
onto the subject in the photograph and not their clothing. When more than one person is in
a photograph it is best to choose clothing that is similar in style and color. Try to avoid busy patterns,
logos and characters on their clothing. A classic white dress on a girl or jeans on a boy is adorable.
Whenever possible I prefer barefoot. In groups, simple and natural works best.

When the photograph is just of one person, clothing choices can be a lot bolder wihch helps to show off
your child's personality. Feel free to try a couple different looks during our session.


There are many great locations to choose from when planning your child's session.
From the comfort of your home to your favorite park or beach.
If the session is taking place in your home, we will start by doing a quick exploration of your house.
I will be looking to see if there is an area in particular that catches my eye, and
I will also be searching for the best natural light.
Whenever possible, I will use natural light for our entire session.
We will generally end up moving some furniture to use that perfect spot.

I bring a portable backdrop stand and backdrops to your session, for classic portraits, but we will also incorporate
your house, whether it's your child's room or your master bed, into the background of some photographs.
Using your home gives your photographs a more personal and modern look.

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