Session Details

Having profressional photographs taken of your family can be a fun experience!
Every family is different and I will do my best to capture your family's unique relationship.
We will do the classic posed photographs as well as some modern, candid photographs that really show the
fun loving side of your family.

I really strive to capture photographs that show your love for one another.
We will use a variety of poses, locations, lighting, backdrops and artistic techniques
to capture a unique variety of photographs of your family.

Although the main focus of your session will be your family as a whole, at most
family sessions I will also take smaller group photographs of just the children together, or just Mom and Dad.

Sessions are never scheduled back to back to prevent rushing and easily accomodating breaks or snacks.
I only take a limited number of bookings, so call early to guarantee availability.

to the master bedroom. These photographs will have a fresh and modern feel to them.
Your portrait session should take place in the first three weeks of your baby's life, while 2 - 12 days is best.
Call early to guarantee availability.

Although no session is the same, the average session lasts anywhere from 45 - 120 minutes.

Clothing plays a big role in the style of your photographs. Classic, natural and simple puts the focus
onto the subjects in the photograph and not on your clothing. This will help create a timeless family portrait.
When more than one person is in a photograph, it is best to choose clothing that is similar in style and color.
A good example is everyone wearing white shirts with jeans. Not only can everyone show off their personal
style, but you will also have a matching look. Try to avoid busy patterns, logos and characters on your clothing.
In groups, simple and natural works best.


Being an on-location photographer gives us unlimited choices, within the Lancaster and York PA area, to do your family's session.
I primarily use natural light, so the time of your session is dependant on the location you choose.
We can meet at your favorite park, beach, or in the comfort of your own home.

If the session is taking place in your home, we will start by doing a quick exploration of your house.
I will be looking to see if there an area in particular that catches my eye and
I will also be searching for the best natural light.
Whenever possible I will use natural light for our entire session.
We will generally end up moving some furniture to use that perfect spot.

I bring a portable backdrop stand and backdrops to your session for classic portraits, but we will also incorporate
your house, whether it is your child's room or your master bed, into the background of some photographs.
Using your home gives your photographs a more personal and modern look.

There are also many great outdoor locations to choose from. Whether in a field of wildflowers or
playing at your favorite park, the location's beauty will be shown off in your portraits.
I can help you choose a location that will suit your family
as well as the style of photographs you want to get from your session.

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