Session Details

Having a baby, whether it is your first or fourth, is a momentous occasion and should be photographed.
The newborn stage is over so quickly, so it is best to try and photograph them as soon as possible.
Every newborn session is different, but they all are a fantastic and awe inspiring experience.
I truly love photographing newborns and this will show in your photographs.

I really strive to capture peaceful and beautiful images of your new baby.
We will experiement with poses, locations, lighting, backdrops, and artistic techniques
to capture a unique variety of images of your new, tiny baby.

Spouses/Partners and children are always welcome to be included in part of your newborn's session,
although the main focus will be on your baby.

For newborn sessions I generally start off using a black backdrop that we will setup in your home in the room
with the best natural light and largest space. These images will have a classic, strong and elegant feel to them.
Whenever possible we will also do a series of photographs in other areas of your home from the nursery
to the master bedroom. These photographs will have a fresh and modern feel to them.
Your portrait session should take place in the first three weeks of your baby's life, while 2 - 12 days is best.
Call early to guarantee availability.

Although no session is the same, the average session lasts anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.


For newborns the clothing options are simple, most of the session they will be in their birthday suit.
If you have a favorite outfit, please have it handy. Hats, blankets, and favorite stuffed animals make perfect props.

For parents, please wear black or darker colors as I often will use you as a backdrop. Don't forget
to have a second set of clothes handy as newborns tend to have accidents. Many parents also like to do
some partial nudity with their newborn to display the close and beautiful bond they have to their newborn.
Nudity is beautiful and touching when done in an artistic manner.
Please remember that, if desired, stretch marks can be airbrushed out of your enlargements.

Spouses/Partners and children are welcome to be included in your session. They should avoid busy patterns,
logos and characters on their clothing. Simple and natural will work best.


For newborn sessions, the best location to do your session is in the comfort of your own home.

Before we being the session, we will do a quick exploration of your house.
I will be looking to see if there is an area in particular that catches my eyes, and
I will also be searching for the best natural light.
Whenever possible, I will use natural light for our entire session.
We will generally end up moving some furniture to use that perfect spot.

For newborn sessions, we will start by using a black backdrop for classic and peaceful images.
I bring a portable backdrop stand and backdrops to your session, but we will also incorporate your house,
whether it is a brightly painted wall, a window, or your bed, into the background of some photographs.
They give your photographs a more personal and modern look.

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