Session Details

Every maternity sessions is a wonderful and unique experience that is tailored to fit each mom to be.
A pregnancy, whether it is your first or fourth, is a momentous occasion and should be photographed.
During your session I will have three main goals:

Being a mother, I clearly understand the emotional and physical changes a pregnancy entails.
With that in mind, I will do my best to help you feel comfortable and beautiful while being photographed,
which will be evident in your photographs. We will experiment with poses, locations, clothing,
lighting, backdrops, and artistic techniques to capture a unique variety of images of your pregnancy.

Your personal taste and preference will play a big role in the type of session we do. It can be as fun and
flirty or as modest and classic as you like. Spouses/Partners and children are always
welcome to be included in your session.

Although I do bring a portable backdrop stand and backdrops to your session, I find that the images which
incorporate the rooms of your house into the background often tend to be the most powerful.

Your portrait session can be scheduled any time after 28 weeks, although most women choose
to wait until they are 32 to 36 weeks along to really showcase their pregnancy curves.
How you feel should play a big factor in this decision.

Although no session is the same, the average session lasts anywhere from 45 - 120 minutes.


Since every maternity session really is different and is tailored to each mom to be, there is no set clothing that
I recommend. There are countless clothing options for maternity sessions from just your husbands's work shirt
to fancy lingerie to jeans with a tank top. I do not limit outfit changes and encourage you to try something
you may not have thought about until now. I recommend that you have 3 - 4 outfits picked out
and before we begin the session we will go over your wardrobe choices. I will also bring a variety of wraps
and draping material with me. A pair of baby shoes or socks bought for the new baby can make a great prop.

A main focus of this session will be your body, and your personal goal for the session will determine
how much of your body you show off. Partial or full nudity is beautiful when done in an artistic manner.
Please remember that if desired, stretch marks can be airbrushed
out of your enlargments. Photo touch ups, for your enlargments, are included in the session fee.

Spouses/Partners and children are welcome to be included in your session. They should avoid busy patterns,
logos and characters on their clothing. Simple and natural will work best


I find that most clients prefer the privacy of their home as the location for their maternity portrait session.
However, I am always up for using outdoor locations, whether they are in your backyard or at a local beach.

Whether the session is taking place in your home or at another location, I always like to start by exploring the space
we are going to use. Don't be surprised if we end up needing to move some furniture to use that perfect spot.
During our look through your home, I will be looking to see if there an area in particular that catches my eye, and
I will also be searching for the best natural light. Whenever possible I will use natural light for our entire session.

I do bring a portable backdrop stand and backdrops to your session, but I encourage you to incorporate your house,
whether it is a brightly painted wall, a window, or your bed, into the background of your photograph.
They give your photographs a more personal touch.

Although no session is the same, the average session lasts anywhere from 45 - 120 minutes.

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