Session Details

Based in the Lancaster, PA and York, PA area, I love helping High school seniors reveal their inner and outer
beauty during a unique fashion editorial photography session. I use creative processing for innovative modern
edgy images. I focus on using flatering poses and creative angles, so that you look your best. Your Highschool
Senior Portraits will be vibrant, bold and timeless.

I firmly believe that High school senior portraits should tell a story about who you
are right now and that the photographs should reflect your personal style.

My goal and expectation for your York, PA senior portraits is that the session will be relaxed and fun. I
hope that you will feel comfortable sharing your needs and/or ideas during the session. I am always open
to try a new location in the York, Lancaster or Harrisburg area.


For your High School Senior Photography Sessions I recommend bringing 3-5 different outfits so that we have
several to choose from for your session. We may not use every outfit you bring, but it great to have options.

You should show try to show levels of your personal style through your clothing, casual to formal and classic
to wild. Senior portrait ideas usually include a couple favorite trendy day to day type outfits--a prom dress
or favorite dress, or tux or suit for boys--some seniors choose to bring a school or sports uniform.

The best advice is to be prepared and on time for the photo session, this will help you be relaxed during the shoot.
You can do this by making sure that you have everything set out and ready to go the night before the session. With
experience we found that placing your entire outfit on the same hanger helps. Place shoes in a bag and attach it
to the hanger. We suggest that you have a ziplock bag filled with the accessories that match that particular outfit,
such as hair pieces, jewelry and make up.

Don’t forget to bring your accessories. They add a lot to your photographs. Shoes, jewelry, hats, scarfs, hooded
sweatshirts, ties and jackets can all be useful and fun. Hair accessories to change the style of your hair, and sunglasses.

In addition to your outfits, feel free to bring any items that you’d like to use to personalize your portraits.
Some examples are: musical instruments, cars, skateboards, sports equipment, and even pets.

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